High School Letter Program

For over thirty years mid and high school students in North Pole and Fairbanks, Alaska helped Santa’s Mailbag answer children letters to Santa each Christmas. In 2001 the Anthrax scare brought a halt to student participation. In addition, US Postal changes, regarding privacy, also introduced regulations requiring letters addressed to Santa to have a specific street addresses before they will be delivered.

Overcoming the anthrax threat and remain in compliance with the US Postal Service, Santa’s Mailbag has designed a wonderful Santa letter program for High Schools across the nation. Our pilot program is established through the faculty advisor for a high school student council. Beginning as soon after Thanksgiving as possible, the student council advisor receives preprinted Santa letters; distributes them to the student council members, who in turn work on the letters during an assigned break period or after classes. Upon completion of the letters they are shipped back to Santa’s Mailbag.

The above descriptive is one example, each participating high school is at liberty to initiate control and participation as suitable. A month or so after the Christmas season, Santa’s Mailbag offers an award to the school of a beautiful plaque for outstanding achievement and certificates of appreciation to each participating student.

The High School Santa Letter program is an expansion of our National letter program and for 2016 will include up to 250 high schools. The Santa letter program requires sponsorship, acquired from donations made through, www.santasmailbag.org

Santa’s Mailbag helps interested schools find sponsors in their local area.

For information, to enroll in the National High School Santa Letter Program  or to sponsor a high school contact us at


A few photos from the 2015 High School Letter Program
and Awards Ceremony at North Pole High School