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A Non-Profit Organization Answering Children's Letters to Santa since 1954
Letters from Santas Mailbag

Answering Children’s Letters to Santa
for Over 60 Years

Santa’s mailbag is the non-profit, world-renowned Santa Letter program, located in North Pole, Alaska, at: 

1 Santa Claus Lane

Santa’s Mailbag has been featured on major news networks and magazines in the US and abroad, for its wonderful public service, of mailing Letters from Santa to children around the world.

Letters to Santa - Santa's Mailbag - North Pole

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Santa’s Mailbag will return your child’s letter to Santa and any artwork to you after the Christmas Season.

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The Keepsake letter from Santa can be ordered year round.

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Santa and his elves really enjoy reading the boys’ and girls’ messages.

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Our elves prepare letters in advance and hold them until the holiday season.

We can not guarantee that every person that signs up will receive a Santa Letter, but we try hard to reach everyone on the wish list.

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The earlier in the year you request a letter, the more likely Santa and his elves will be able to make your wish come true!

(approximately 80% of wishes for a letter from Santa come true)

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Reserve letters from Santa for your children, family and friends.
Bring bright eyed smiles to young and old alike.
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The largest single expense in sending Santa’s letter’s to children is the purchase of first class postage stamps. 
Santa purchases postage stamps a thousand at a time. Help Santa buy postage stamps… and maybe a cookie, too.

Each Member Elf can also reserve letters from Santa for your children, family, or friends.


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Your business can give charitably to support our efforts to answer children’ letters to Santa.
We will soon launch a new program where parents can register for a letter from Santa from your place of business. Contact us to learn more about this new opportunity.


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Santa and his helpers give special attention to children without families. Donations help those in orphanages, youth shelters, foster care, and in children’s hospitals. 


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Santa's Blog

News from the North Pole

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Santa and all the elves at North Pole, a Happy Thanksgiving to all. For those traveling, may you enjoy a safe and pleasant trip. A child writes to Santa, Dear Santa, We were talking at dinner about Santa eating milk and cookies. Mom said, Santa should eat more...

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Letters from Santa’s Mailbag are Gifts

Letters from Santa are gifts to children of the world. What makes a letter from Santa the real deal? To be the genuine article, everyone knows it has to come from the North Pole. The North Pole, where it’s cold, with ice and snow, North Pole, Alaska, the home of Santa Claus.

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Your child’s letter and art work is a genuine Keepsake.

With the keepsake letter offer, Santa’s Mailbag safeguards your child’s letter and artwork for its return to you after the holiday season. The return envelope is postmarked at the North Pole, AK post office. In a few days from then you will have a genuine treasure for years to come.

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Special Artwork for Santa

It’s truly amazing the time a child takes to make her or his envelope addressed to Santa to be as special as the letter within. A drawing, a work of art painstakingly crafted just for Santa; perhaps to be displayed on Santa’s refrigerator door or walled bulletin board. Mrs. Claus plans to include these decorated envelopes along with designed letters and separate drawings to be posted on her bulletin board.

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Can I write Santa in the Summer?

Santa's Mailbag opens and finds a letter written by a young boy: Dear Santa, I hope you get this letter. Does the post office deliver to you in the summer? I sure hope so. I know it's only August and school is just gonna start but I was wondering. Do you think you can...

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Make kids dreams come true – Become an Elf!

Many children inquire of Santa if they can have an elf as a Christmas present. Each child solemnly promising to care and provide for, what they assume to be a rather small doll size person or thing. Santa thanks the children for their well intended request for an elf...

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Celebrating Over 60 Years

Bringing hope and joy to children around the world.

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