Letters from Santa are gifts to children of the world. What makes a letter from Santa the real deal?

Is it because the letter has a depiction of Santa and starts out with the phrase HO, HO, HO?   That’s a lot like a department store Santa, yah it’s Santa, but, it’s not SANTA. To be the genuine article, everyone knows it has to come from the North Pole. The North Pole, where it’s cold, with ice and snow, North Pole, Alaska, the home of Santa Claus.

Post offices from each state across the nation and around the world, route letters addressed to Santa Claus to the North Pole, Alaska 99705 post office. When received, they are sorted to Santa’s Mailbag for pickup. Santa’s Mailbag elves pick up the children’s letters to Santa and eagerly undertake preparing just the right return letter from Santa for the child’s age. Each child’s name is hand printed in the salutation and hand signed at the bottom. It is a real letter, and a real letter requires a real post mark!

Now for that something truly special. At North Pole, Alaska, during the holiday season, a letter can be stamped with the world famous North Pole, Alaska 99705 Christmas postmark. Are you ready for something really special! The Christmas postmark is stamped on each individual letter by hand. Now for the second really part of the special. To receive this hand stamped Christmas postmark the letters from Santa cannot be placed in a mail pickup box or the mail slot in the post office. They must be handed to a postal clerk over the service counter. During the Christmas Season in North Pole that means long, long lines of people mailing packages to loved ones. For the postal clerks to hand stamp thousands upon thousands of our letters from Santa each day, it means hours of extra work.

‘What makes a letter from Santa real? You, me, us, them, others we, all who believe in the spirit of Christmas. All people the world over who donate of their time and money and join together in the joy of giving. What makes a letter from Santa real, real people, a real place and most of all it’s a gift!