Santa’s Mailbag invites every parent, grandparent or guardian to consider our Keepsake Letter offer.

Letters from Santa’s Mailbag are gifts.  The letters, location and people involved with Santa’s Mailbag are authentic. By mailing your child’s letter to North Pole, it arrives at North Pole, Alaska post office. Upon arrival, your child’s letter envelope is date stamped received at Santa’s Post Office North Pole 99705. With the keepsake letter offer, Santa’s Mailbag safeguards your child’s letter and artwork for its return to you after the holiday season. The return envelope is postmarked at the North Pole, AK post office. In a few days from then you will have a genuine treasure for years to come. Your child’s letter envelope stamped received; a letter from Santa, with Salutation and signature printed by hand; the return envelope containing your child’s letter and artwork post marked from the North Pole and sealed with the trademark North Pole Post Office emblem.